Hi there, I'm

Brint E. Kriebel

co-founder - Route 8, LLC
Brint E. Kriebel
About Me
Hi, I’m Brint, also known as bekit. I’m an unabashed geek and technology fanatic.

I’m helping to build Lobbly, the AI phone assistant for your business.
Release Engineering
DevOps / Systems Administration
Virtual Reality
TypeScript / JavaScript


Lobbly - The AI Phone Assistant for Your Business

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Foundry VTT Modules

A collection of modules developed by bekit to help enhance Foundry Virtual Tabletop

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Support My Work
I strive to release a lot of my work as open source projects to help others. If my code has helped you in some way or if you enjoy using my Foundry VTT modules, I'd appreciate your contribution to support my efforts.